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Our Customers

Perfect Petroleum’s customers represent both ends of the spectrum of gas stations and C- Store’s and all those in-between.

We supply to stations that do a single load of gasoline a month

We supply to stations that do upwards of 150,000 gallons a month

We supply to small, neighborhood, unbranded sites

We supply to big, branded sites which also include 7-11 branded stores

We have customers throughout Florida and also other states like Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania & Massachusetts.

Although we have such great diversity in our customer base, we pride ourselves in the fact that we treat ALL of our customers with the same level of customer service.

We know that our customers have a number of choices for fuel suppliers out there and consider ourselves fortunate that they have picked us to be their supplier.

Our customers include people with roots from many nations including but not limited to the following.